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Tina Wiffen, NT Gibside Bat Project 2009Tina L Smith & assistant, Swaziland measuring bat, copyright T L Smith 2007

Keith French & Andrew Froud, Epping Forest Bat Project 2009Kirsty Morrison & Harp Trap with Daubenton's bats, BaTML Project, copyright R McGuire 2006

Associated/Sponsored Research & Projects

Each year we provide sponsorship for a limited number of worthwhile projects and/or research. The following are examples of projects/research we have been associated with or sponsored recently:

Echoes Ecology is organising and sponsoring a conference on bat social calls in London (Nov 2016) with all profits to be donated to a relevant research project.

The Social Calls of Bats of Britain & Ireland (Sept 2016): Neil Middleton & Andrew Froud raise awareness about this fascinating subject through the delivery of a workshop at the National Bat Conference for the third year running. Also sessions in the diary for Scottish Bat Conference (Nov 2016) and Nottingham Bat Group (Feb 2017)

The Effective Ecologist (Succeed In Your Office Environment) (Apr 2016): Neil Middleton authors this exciting new book which aims to promote office-related skills and effective behaviours within the ecological sector.

Muiravonside Country Park: Bat Box Project (Oct 2015): Aaron Middleton co-ordinated and installed 36 artificial bat boxes within the country park. These boxes will be monitored annually by Echoes Ecology Ltd.

The Social Calls of Bats of Britain & Ireland (Sept 2015): Neil Middleton & Andrew Froud raise awareness about this fascinating subject through the delivery of a workshop at the National Bat Conference for the second year running

NTS Threave Estate - Project Nyctalus (July 2015): Laura Carter-Davis launches Project Nyctalus, which aims to find out more about Noctule and Leisler's bat activity in the Threave area.

Bat Social Calls (June 2015): Neil Middleton delivers a presentation to the Welsh Bat Conference (NT Stackpole)

Daubenton's bat - Ringing Study article (Oct 2014)
: Neil Middleton & Sophie Punteney produce this article for Scottish BATS research journal

The Social Calls of Bats of Britain & Ireland (Sept 2014): Neil Middleton, Andrew Froud & Keith French raise awareness about this fascinating subject through the publication of their book and the delivery of a workshop at the National Bat Conference

EchoCollation from Echoes Ecology Ltd (Feb 2014): Echoes launches new product to assist with the production of report ready graphics from the huge amount of data collected from automated bat detecting systems

British Exploring Society - Oman Expedition (Nov 2013): Neil Middleton & Laura Davis provided technical support in the interpretation & analysis of bat related data

Bats Without Borders (Nov 2013): Echoes Ecology donated £500.00 for marketing and educational purposes to this new charity

Scottish Bat Conference (Nov 2013): Echoes Ecology (Neil Middleton) delivered a presentation to the conference about Daubenton's bats within the Central Belt of Scotland

Scottish Waterways (Aug 2013): Echoes Ecology (Neil Middleton) delivered a bat walk on International Bat Night raising £95.00 for BCT

Threave Bat Reserve Promotional Media (Apr 2013)
: Echoes Ecology (Laura Davis & Jenny Diack) contribute towards this excellent material from National Trust for Scotland about the bats at NTS Threave Estate.

Bat Passes - Redundant or Still Useful (IEEM In Practice, Issue 79, March 2013): Dr Sandie Sowler (Bat Training) & Neil Middleton (Echoes Ecology Ltd) co-author this article about the use of bat passes in todays climate of more advanced technology.

The Social Calls of Bats Within The UK (Oct 2012): Neil Middleton, Keith French & Andrew Froud are working upon completing this book with accompanying CD. Currently anticipated to be ready summer 2014.

Whiskered Bat Research (Sept 2012): Echoes Ecology & The National Trust for Scotland enter into a partnership arrangement in order to carry out radio tracking research on Whiskered bats at NTS Threave.

BCT Bat Survey Guidelines (2nd Edition)(Mar 2012): Echoes Ecology sponsor the production of this important publication helping to ensure that proceeds from sales are used to support bat conservation in the UK

Bat Conservation Trust (Feb 2012): Echoes Ecology have supported BCT and its objectives by becoming a Corporate Member

Threave Bat Reserve, The National Trust for Scotland (Dec 2011): Echoes Ecology have agreed to continue to sponsor bat research at NTS Threave during 2012 by providing advice, technical support and an annual research grant of up to £1,000

South Korea - Study of the Social Interaction of Greater Horseshoe Bats within their Roosts
(Nov 2011): Echoes Ecology provided a small grant in support of the above study being carried out within Kangwong National University

Laurie Campbell (Natural History Photographer) (Aug 2011): Echoes Ecology facilitated photographic opportunities for Laurie Campbell during our Bat Handling Course at NTS Culzean. To see some of the pics visit our facebook page. To see more of Laurie's excellent work, visit

Cyprus - Developing Bat Related Skills Programme (Aug 2011): Echoes Ecology sponsors two ecologists to come to the UK for a week in order to develop skills which will help with survey programmes and bat conservation in Cyprus

NTS Isle of Canna - DNA Analysis (July 2011): Echoes Ecology assisted National Trust for Scotland by providing DNA analysis of droppings from a long established bat roost on Canna, confirming that the species present was Common (Bandit) pipistrelle

A Rocha UK (Mar 2011)
: Echoes Ecology provided pictures to this charity to help them promote biodiversity awareness events being delivered in the Glasgow area

Scottish Natural Heritage - Sharing Good Practice Event (Mar 2011)
: Echoes Ecology (Neil Middleton) delivered a presentation and co-hosted a workshop at this event, entitled 'Taking Account of Protected Species Policy and Law in Development'

Bats of Cyprus - Training Workshops , Nicosia
(Sept/Oct 2010): Echoes Ecology (Neil Middleton) co-delivered the first bat related training to take place in Northern Cyprus, with a total of 40 delegates attending

Shaikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre, Abu Dhabi
: During 2010 Echoes Ecology provided assistance with the development of bat related interactive material to help with the understanding of bats in the Emirates

Threave Bat Reserve Batmobile, The National Trust for Scotland
: Echoes Ecology provided technical advice and pictures for this mobile educational trailer and the Threave Bat Reserve leaflet

Scottish Leisler's Bat Project
: Echoes Ecology supplied radio tracking equipment, assisting with this study being carried out in the southwest of Scotland during 2010

Threave Bat Reserve, The National Trust for Scotland: From 2010 Echoes Ecology have agreed to sponsor bat research at NTS Threave by providing advice, technical support and an annual research grant of up to £1,000, supported by on-site accomodation provided by NTS

Edinburgh Zoo, Radio Tracking Demonstration: Echoes Ecology supplied radio tracking equipment, assisting Edinburgh Zoo to deliver this training in 2009

Gibside Bat Project, The National Trust, Tyne & Wear: In 2009 Neil Middleton provided advice and training (Radio Tagging, Tracking and Harp Trapping) for this valuable project, set up to establish the roosting behaviour of bats

Argaty Red Kites: Laura Davis and Jenny Diack of Echoes Ecology delivered public bat events for this organsation in 2008 and 2009

Population Dynamics & Roosting Ecology of Daubenton's bats: Echoes Ecology sponsored Natalie Taylor (Napier University) by providing advice, technical support, equipment and species licencing whilst she carried out this 2 year study (2007/2008) in the Union Canal corridor, West Lothian

Bats In Swaziland, Wing Morphology & Echolocation: During 2007 Echoes Ecology provided advice, technical support and equipment for Tina Lee Smith (MSc, Napier University) whilst carrying out this valuable research in the Mlawula-Mbuluzi Nature Reserve

Bats of The United Arab Emirates: In August 2007 Laura Davis produced a report for the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Bax Birding (The Gambia) : During 2007 Echoes Ecology sponsored this bird watching company based in The Gambia by providing equipment and the funding to build a website. Room 108 Ltd provided their services at reduced cost to assist with the website build, whilst Simon Pinder kindly donated some pictures

The Bats of Scotland: December 2006. Having produced a similar guide for Cyprus, Neil Middleton felt it was time to produce something for Scotland as well

The Bats of Cyprus: December 2006, Neil Middleton and Haris Nicolaou (Cyprus Forestry Dept) produced the first guide to the bat species within Cyprus

Bats of Cyprus - Nicosia (Nov 2006): Echoes Ecology (Neil Middleton) delivered, on behalf of the Greek Cypriot Government, the first bat related training seminar to take place on the island of Cyprus

Epping Forest Bat Project: Neil Middleton and Echoes Ecology Ltd provide ongoing training and support to Keith French and Andrew Froud who are carrying out this valuable project studying bats within the Barn Hoppit area

Drome, France: We sourced a Time Expansion bat detector for Andrew Hargreaves (Wildlife Provencale) so that he could carry out wider bat studies in this part of France and also promote bats positively to his customers

BATS & The Millennium Link (BaTML): Echoes Ecology employees Neil Middleton, Kirsty Morrison and Chris Gould were all heavily involved with the success behind this project which studied bats along the Union Canal and Forth & Clyde Canal corridors (central Scotland) during the period 2000 to 2007