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Brown long-eared bat in loft roostTree survey for bats using cherry pickerNoctule  Kelly Hunter (2006)Building Survey of Whiskered bat roost 2006

Contract Bat Surveys

We are able to deliver contract bat surveys for a whole range of scenarios including where these have been requested by local authority planning departments and/or Scottish Natural Heritage. The following are a range of examples that we have been involved with in the past.

Mitigation & Compensation Solutions

Habitat Management Woodland Tree Surveys

Bridge Repairs Demolition Civil Engineering

Housing Development Building Conversions

Property Alteration, Repair or Maintenance

As part of the planning process you may be required to carry out bat surveys of a site prior to planning consent. We specialise in carrying out this work, and should we find that bats are using the site we are also able to assist you with the Habitats Directive licence application process, including the production of mitigation/compensation method statements.

It is important when you appoint a bat consultant to make sure that they have the licences in place allowing them to do survey work within roost sites. This is because, if bats are roosting on the site there is only a limited amount of work that a unlicensed bat worker can carry out legally. At Echoes Ecology we hold the licences to carry out this type of work throughout Scotland, and when required elsewhere in the UK.

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Echoes Ecology ScoBat Database

Biological records are regularly sought for occurances of bats within Scotland. Our in-house database contains a substantial amount of bat records.

If you require us to carry out a desk top data search for bat records at a specific location please feel free to get in touch.

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